Who are we?


We design our products that will really enhance the life of your pet. Whether it’s the best possible food, a bowl to serve that food in or a range of toys to keep you pet alert and well exercised, our aim is to help your pet lead a healthier happier life.

What makes us different

By seeking to design our products in the most sustainable and ethical way we aim to be less impactful on the environment. Beyond ethical our aim is to make really fun products that are also really innovative too. Ultimately we aim to make products that both you and your pet will really love.

Beco Pets Foundation

Through the Beco Foundation, we give back 5% of all profits to local community, animal and environmental causes. To learn more visit our website www.becopetsfoundation.org. The main goal of The Beco Pets Foundation is to support causes, charities and initiatives. By offering them the money they need to create a better environment or improve the lives of animals. The team at Beco also take part in various other fundraising events during the year to further aid The Beco Pets Foundation, boost its funds, and increase its level of support for chosen projects. As pet lovers, we all want what is best for our furry friends, and not surprisingly, we also want what is best for their wild cousins and the environment they live in.

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