Wild boar has more protein per kilo than beef, lamb and chicken. It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Wild boar is a darker meat than it’s domestic cousin, with a strong meaty taste and smell, making it perfect for fussy dogs.
The Beco team were greeted by Mark, the farmer of Beco flightless yet fantastic free range birds. He welcomed them with a smile.
We only use natural ingredients, all of which have a great health benefits for your pup.
Fresh Human grade meat cooked at low temperature still holds all the natural oils, fats nutrients and proteins a happy dog needs.
A lovely story from our sponsored rescue centre, HYPS, about how Beco Food helped to turn a troubled little pup around.
What is meat meal? Is there a difference between using fresh meat recipes? We use 100% fresh meat and fish in our recipes. Here's why.
It is a hot topic of debate amongst dog nutritionists. Read on for a summary of pro's and cons of a raw vs a dry food diet. Which is best for your hound?
Fred arrived with us extremely underweight and covered in open sores - a result of years of severe skin allergies and ear infections. Thanks to Beco, this boy has been saved and now lives a comfortable and happy life.
Puppy Uki (ooo-key) required major surgery and post-op she just wouldn't eat. Then I stumbled across Beco Pets Food for Dogs.
Meet Brian, an eight-year-old Jack Russell, a rescue dog who wasn’t in the best of health. The kennels were going to put him to sleep if a new owner couldn’t be found.
To help your bouncing pup grow into a healthy hound we have packed our recipe full of fresh free-range turkey.
Hear how our MSC Cod & Haddock Recipe has helped Harry's pancreatitis. A win for healthy, ethical and sustainable diets.
We always strive to put the 'eco' into Beco and now we're proud to have been named one of the world's most ethical companies.
We have decided to use wild boar as one of our Beco Food for Dogs recipes because it is delicious for dogs and also much better for the environment.
Beco is proud to be one of the first British pet food manufacturers to use free-range chicken, in our popular recipe with carrots and chicory.
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