Recycled or compostable?

As you know, poop bags aren’t optional. And while there isn’t a perfect collusion (yet) there are better options to choose from depending on how you dispose of your poop bags. 

In the UK we use 5,500,000,000 poop bags a year

And 96% of these are disposed of in park bins or general waste. So that’s a lot of single-use plastic. And even if they’re labelled as ‘biodegradable’, if they end up in landfill, they won’t actually break down. 

So we have two options: compostable bags if you compost them, recycled ones if you don’t

Compostable bags: they’re made from cornstarch and PBAT (a biodegradable type of polymer). So, if you have one, pop them in an industrial compost system that accepts pet waste, or your contained home compost system (but we have to stress, not if you’ll use the compost for plants that you’ll eat, like fruit and vegetables). But like all compostable and biodegradable bags out there, if they end up in landfill, they won’t compost. 

Recycled bags: We’ve found a way to use recycled polyethylene (a type of plastic) to make our sturdy recycled poop bags. Which means that every single one of our poop bags started their life as rubbish. The carbon footprint of recycled polyethylene is also 86% lower than virgin plastic.

Cleaning up any confusion

If you dispose of your poop bags in a home compost or an industrial compost system that accepts pet waste, use our compostable poop bags. If you dispose of them in normal waste, our recycled poop bag range is the best option, as they have a lower energy usage and carbon footprint.

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