From Black Friday to the Big Blue

Black Friday seems to have taken over the month of November. And it seems like it’s become a time where panic buying is encouraged. And with Christmas round the corner, it can be hard to resist.

So we were a little torn when it came to deciding what to do at Beco last year 

Do we discount our plant-based bowls, dog food and toys? Or should we focus our efforts to make one of the most unsustainable times of the year a little less so?

So we decided to partner up with the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup for Black Friday 

We’d found them through our membership with 1% for the Planet, an organisation focused on tackling greenwashing and funnelling money towards environmental organisations. Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is one of the world’s leading ocean cleanup non-profits. And so, Blue Friday was born. 

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup work to keep the ocean clean of plastic and protect vulnerable marine animals

In 2021 they collected over 1,102 tonnes of plastic from our oceans (the equivalent of just over five and a half blue whales). Here are some other great stats on Big Blue Ocean Cleanups’ impact so far:

  • They’ve removed over 4,000,000 million kg of ocean plastic 
  • They’ve taught over 700,000 children about ocean pollution 
  • And they have over 37,000 ocean activists all over the world.

So for Blue Friday, we supported their new Marine Nature Reserves (MNRs)

MNRs work across the West Coast of Scotland, restoring ocean ecosystems and allowing coastal species to thrive. We set out to donate 100% of our sales towards their new MNRs.

And, thanks to you, we sponsored 10,000m2

We can’t wait to share the exact location of the area with you once we receive the exact coordinates. Watch this space.