Hi, we're Beco

If we could sum up what we do and why in one sentence, we'd say: "We work to have a big (and positive) impact on you and your pets life, with as little impact on the planet as possible."

We’re an environmentally focussed brand, so whether that’s using recycled or compostable materials for our poop bags, powering our HQ with renewable energy or cutting our road miles as much as possible, the makers and growers within our supply chain and our environmental impact are what we focus on as we navigate designing and making products your furry friends will love

In the words of George, our co-founder, “we’ll continue to make the best possible products, all while reducing our environmental impact. We know we’re far from perfect, and that this is a journey of continuous improvement and changes.”

That’s why we always say we’re striving for sustainability: because it’s a constant journey

We’ll never achieve a level of sustainability we’ll be happy with. We know that in 5, 10 or even 50 years we’ll still have work to do. And we’ll continue to keep you up to date with what we’ve achieved, what we’re working on, and what our next steps are. All so you can make informed decisions when choosing your dogs future favourites.
Our environmental plan 

Our plan breaks down into four sections:

  • Strive for sustainability: because sustainability is a constantly moving target  
  • Share our journey: because we want to lead by example  
  • Pay our debts: because we need to offset our environmental impact 
  • Inspire action: because even as a small business, we have the ability to create change.

To achieve our strategy, we have four environmental areas: product, process, packaging and people 

Product: We carefully choose our materials and strive to use natural, recycled and renewable where possible. For example, we use natural rubber for our chew toys, and recycled or compostable materials for our poop bags. Because prioritising durability means we consume less energy, waste less water and create less rubbish, and also make products that last (particularly our dog toys, for obvious reasons!)

Process: making sure every journey and process has little impact on the planet as possible and minimising the environmental impact of manufacturing. For example, our wet food manufacturer uses the steam from their cooking to generate the electricity they use on site.

We also make sure to continually audit our manufacturers, which is verified by an independent third party. This gives us visibility into the environmental and social performance of our manufacturers. 

Packaging: making sure that we use plant-based materials and print using water soluble inks

And People: looking after everyone who works for, and with, Beco. On a smaller scale, it’s looking after our staff. We get guest speakers in to share new ideas, give our staff access to mental health and wellbeing support, and allow them to work flexible hours. And on a bigger scale, the team are given opportunities to support and volunteer for the causes they care about.

And along the way, we want to share our progress and our setbacks 

Transparency is about sharing the way we run our business, and sharing our impact. But we’ll never shy away from the tricky conversations. So as we continue to grow, develop, and strive for sustainability, we’re going to bring you with us.