Making poop bags

If you’ve ever wondered how we make our poop bags, now’s your chance to see behind the scenes. 

We chatted to Holly, our poop bag manufacturer. She’ll walk us through the products, the process, and the people behind the scenes. 

We pick all our partners very carefully, and it’s no different with our facility in China 

We needed to make sure that not only would our products be up to scratch, but that the people working in the facility were well looked after. The staff have free meals and onsite accommodation just in case (as many of our staff travel from far away).

“We’ve also set up a non-profit foundation to help our staff if they get sick” says Holly. “This means we can continue to support them financially as they recover”.

All in all, the team are incredible. Let’s have a look at what their usual day at work looks like.

First, the team start with recycled plastics



These come to us in all sorts of ways, even in pellets. We’ll then melt them all down together. 

Then we’ll put this through a process called ‘blowing’



Think of it like a giant wind tunnel that slowly stretches the melted plastics into the thin sheets fit for dog poop.

Once this is cooled, we iron it out and print our name all over it



After that, you’re left with the biggest roll of poop bags you’ve ever seen. All ready to be split into smaller rolls. We make sure that the core of our rolls are made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and the ink we use is water-based. 



Once they’re ready we package them up and put them in the post ready for their new homes. 



If you want to find out more about what our poop bags are made of, or curious how you can dispose of them, have a read of our blog on exactly that.