Powered by renewables

As Beco grew we knew the move to our new, bigger space was something we needed to think about. We wanted to make sure that we focus on reducing and minimising our impact on the planet. And that included the energy that fuelled our space (and we’re not just talking about our coffee machine). 

When we started looking, we wanted to make sure it was a blank canvas 

This is so we could build our office into the renewable space we wanted. And we found exactly what we were looking for: a run-down warehouse in South London that needed a lot of TLC. 

We knew the renovation itself would use up a lot of energy, so we’re offsetting the energy we’ve used with Climate Neutral. Because this move means we can now run our offices off renewable energy we know that in the long run, it would always be the most sustainable choice. 

So, we moved from gas-powered to all-electric (which is completely charged onsite)

The majority of the energy we use is produced by the solar panels on our roof (solar energy is 92% more carbon efficient than gas). We also heat and cool our building using a heat pump, which is powered by renewable energy, too. It works by drawing heat from the outside (even if it gets as low as -15˚C outside which, luckily, doesn’t happen often in London). 

And, when we’re out and about, our sales team drive hybrid cars, meaning that on average, we’ve reduced their carbon footprint by 2 tCO2 (tonne of CO2) (that’s the equivalent of over 5 trips from Amsterdam to Rome). 

Wait… what’s renewable energy again?

Here’s another buzzword buster. Renewable energy is energy that comes from sources that can naturally be replenished quicker than we’re using it. Things like sunlight, wind, rain etc. Think of it as the opposite of fossil fuels where, famously, we’re using them faster than they can be replenished. 

If you want to find out more about our energy use across the business, have a read of our blog 

Now, we hope that our move will inspire more businesses to do the same, especially ones much bigger than ours. But for now, we’ll continue to power our HQ the best way we know how, with good coffee and renewable energy.