The Beco food diet

Having a transparent supply chain means you get to know what goes into our food. It also means we get to shout about the incredible East Anglian farm where we source our free-range chicken and turkey. In our eyes, it’s a win-win. 

This is Mark, our farmer. 

It’s no exaggeration to say Mark loves his job. “I always wanted to be a farmer,” he says. “Our farm is pretty much a mirror image of the little farm I had 30 years ago: one that gives chickens a habitat as close to their natural one as possible; and one that lets them do what they do naturally. We grew them how we thought they should be grown, so they would have free ranges to run around on, they would have perches in their houses and natural light and windows. So that’s how we did it

Sadly, free-range doesn’t mean more environmentally friendly, though

Because when chickens are intensively farmed, they grow up to full size really fast (in about 6 weeks). And each chicken only has space the size of an A4 piece of paper. So technically, they use less energy and land.

But compromising our meat’s welfare wasn’t something we were willing to do

On Mark’s farm, the animals are left to grow slowly, and given the exercise and space that they need in spacious fields with plenty of room to explore. 

We also process our meat on site, rather than sending it to an abattoir  

The meat for our food goes straight from the farm in East Anglia to our Food Manufacturer. Traditionally, meat will take a few extra stops, going from farm, to an abattoir, then to a manufacturer. Our way means we can cut down on road miles and make the journey as streamlined as possible.

All the birds that Mark farms are processed using the RSPCA assured method as well.

By using freshly prepared meat, we’re also making sure to keep all that good protein.

Traditional meat meal comes from multiple sources (which makes it hard to trace) and travels at room temperature. It’s then cooked at 200oc to kill off all those germs which denatures and damages the protein in the meat. 

Our freshly prepared meat is similar to the stuff you and I eat. It’s transported in a fridge, and cooked at 90oc so that protein is protected, more nutritious and more digestible.

This also means the meat is better for your pup as it’s easier to digest

And it’s tastier, too.

It’s really important that we’re open and honest about where the ingredients for our pet food comes from, and we’ll continue to share stories and facts about our processes with you.