Meet the women behind the brand

To celebrate International Women's Day we'd like you to meet the amazing women in the Beco team, and the people who inspire them.

Aretha, International Sales Manager

Inspired by: “There are so many incredible women who I know and long to know, however as an avid reader, for IWD this year I have chosen Bernadine Evaristo. Her entire career has seen so many trailblazing firsts such as the first British Black Woman to win the Booker Prize in 2019. I admire and respect that her well-crafted stories share narratives traditionally untold and unsold here in the UK. Bernadine has helped me to feel seen and included while educating us all and driving demand for diversity of stories desperately needed.”


Angela, Finance Assistant

Inspired by:

“A tribute to my Mum, Loriel. This is me and my Mum. She is my biggest inspiration. She came from humble beginnings and a loving family. She never lorded over others. She was kind, compassionate and very straightforward. She had a brilliant gift of talking the truth without offending. If you met her you just had to love her. “



Clemmie, PR Consultant

Inspired by:

“I feel inspired by all the women who have had new challenges to deal with whilst schools were shut: the mothers managing to work from home and suddenly having to become teachers, and the other women who have supported them by helping to pick up the slack where needed. They are all incredible and hugely inspirational to me.”



Emma, East Sales Account Manager

Inspired by:

“I would have to say my Mum because she has always pushed me and my sister to be the best we can be in everything.”





Huma, Sales Operations Manager

Inspired by:

“My grandmother, who passed away in 2010 after an 11 year battle with cancer. Coming from a conservative male-dominated society in tribal Pakistan, she taught me strength, resilience, commitment, love and how to fight against the odds. She always said we can be much more than what society defines us as and still remain true to our nature. There are no limits, you can’t pigeon-hole a woman!”


 Jenny, Graphic Communications Designer

Inspired by:

“My amazing Mum inspires me every day to be kind, selfless and to work hard to achieve my aspirations. She has given me the foundations of who I am today, and has shown me to persevere through hard times - you’ll always come out the other side.”



Kate, Head of Supply Chain and Operations

Inspired by:

“My inspirational woman is my friend Emily. We met through our dogs Instagrams last year during the first lockdown. I’ve never met someone more caring, supportive and passionate. She has an abundance of energy in everything she does which radiates through to everyone she meets, pulling them along with her. She’s totally bossing it, taking on a PhD in studying the effect of natural rocks causing lung cancer in communities around the world, making progress with women in tech and science at the same time!”


Kaylie, Customer Service Advisor

Inspired by:

“For me, no one inspires me more than my big sister. She is a strong, beautiful woman who has had more than her fair share of bad luck, but always manages to come out the other side with a dazzling smile.”




Oceane, International Sales Executive

Inspired by:

“My grandmother has taught me the importance and value of family and also humility. She always has a smile on her face and gives more than she receives.”




Rachel, Head of E-commerce

Inspired by:

“The most inspirational woman in my life is my friend Alice. Kind, warm and empathetic, not only does she work full time in the NHS, but she also dedicated two weeks a year with a charity helping children in Ethiopia with severe facial disfigurements. A seriously good person through and through!”



Bengu, Finance Assistant

Inspired by:

"As a Turkish woman, I am inspired by Sabiha Gokcen who was the first woman in Turkish history to earn a pilot's license and also is believed to be the world's first female combat pilot. She was brave enough to pursue her dreams, she was only 12 years old, asked for permission to talk with Ataturk and expressed her wish to study at boarding school (1925) and her future changed forever."