Q: Which toys come with a guarantee?
Our natural rubber range of toys all come with a lifetime guarantee.

Q: How does the guarantee work?
Our guarantee means that we believe in the strength of our natural rubber range. If your toy is damaged beyond expected wear and tear during regular play, we will send you a replacement free of charge.

Q: How do I claim my guarantee?
If you are based in the UK, please email us at and include an image of the damaged toy along with where and when you bought it. One of our friendly team will be ready to help.

If you are anywhere else in the world, please contact the place where you purchased the toy and they will be able to assist you with the replacement.
Q. What is the 'Naturally Delicious' Mark I can see on Beco Food?
We understand it can be daunting trying your dog on a new diet. We are so confident your dog will love Beco Food that every bag comes with a money back guarantee.

Q. How do I redeem the guarantee?
You can redeem your guarantee by taking the partly used bag back to the shop where you bought it. Alternatively, you can call or email us directly and we can redeem the guarantee direct.