Sustainable Tuna with Pumpkin & Peas

A healthy, ethical and sustainable complete wet food for dogs. This recipe is filled with traceable, ethical and certified sustainable ingredients, keeping your dog happy while preserving the wilderness we all love.

Sustainably Caught MSC Tuna (50%), Green Peas (7.5%), Pumpkin (4%), Sunflower Oil, Algae, Minerals, Lignocellulose.
Please store in a cool dry place. Ideally out of your dogs reach, otherwise they’ll wolf it down. Once opened, please refrigerate and finish within 2 days.



Our tuna is certified sustainable and wild-caught from monitored and well managed oceans, using fishing techniques to reduce bycatch.


Just like spirulina, a spoonful of algae is like eating a handful of vegetables. We add a little to this recipe to give your dog a big boost to their health.


Pumpkin is super nutritious with a rich source of fibre and a whole host of immune-boosting nutrients.


Quality Matters

Low Fat, High Omega’s

The natural composition of tuna makes this a low fat recipe. It’s perfect for dogs that are trying to shed some weight or are less active. It’s high in Omega 3 to help support healthy joints through every stage of a dog’s life, whether they’re growing, adventuring or relaxing into their old age.

Responsibly Sourced

The tuna in this recipe is certified sustainable. It’s been wild caught from healthy fish stocks, ensuring they’re never overfished. All of our fisheries use innovative techniques that allow every fish to be traced back to the boat. It’s the same due diligence we apply when ensuring the ethics and sustainability of all our ingredients.

Sustainable Tetra

Tetra Pak, it’s been confined to the juice aisle for too long. An amazing packaging that is made from 70% renewable materials, using card from FSC certified forests. It’s also super efficient to transport and recycle, minimising its environmental impact at every step.