Ethically made to 
the highest standards

our process

Inspired by tomorrow

We look to the latest technology to help us get the best from nature and minimise the environmental impact of manufacturing. We love getting geeky alongside our suppliers, hunting down technological advancements that allow us to make even better products and with smaller carbon footprints.

our ingredients

From farmers
to fishing boats

For us, it’s not enough to just use really great ingredients and materials – it’s super important that they’re sourced as ethically and sustainably as possible. That’s why all the talented farmers and fishermen who grow, fish and harvest what we make, do so responsibly.

The dinner dogs deserve

They say life’s all about balance. Creating healthy dog food is not so different. That’s why all of the meals we make are nutritionally complete with just the right amount of meat and vital vitamins. You won’t be finding any untraceable, rendered meat meal in our food. Our meat is fully traceable, freshly prepared and cooked at low temps to make it even more digestible and delicious.

Built to Last

Some dogs are cuddlers (ahh), some are fetchers (vrooom) and some are, well, absolutely hell-bent on complete and utter destruction. Our dog toys are designed to last for dogs of all shapes and sizes. We use a combination of materials to create something that’s as sturdy as it is fun. Because, whether human or dog, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than a favourite toy breaking.

Got You Covered

We set out to make sure we have every area of your dog’s life covered. From bamboo food bowls to silicone can covers, and everything between, our clever little accessories are tested to make sure they're perfect for you and your dog.

Big, Strong & Leakproof

Here’s a poop fact to bring up at your next party: over 18 million dog poops are deposited every day in the UK. That’s a lot of plastic bags to scoop them all. We make our dog poop bags from either recycled materials or home compostable cornstarch/PBAT. They’re incredibly strong so… well, you can imagine.

Best of the Best


Source: UK

We only use free range chickens who are free to enjoy open, green pastures and lead longer, natural lives. As they all should.

Cod and Haddock

Source: NE Atlantic

Our cod and haddock are wild-caught from healthy fish stocks in the North Atlantic ocean, using fishing techniques to reduce bycatch of other marine wildlife.


Source: UK

We only use free-range turkey. It's high in protein and gentle on the digestive system. What’s more, it’s naturally low in fat and full of the essential nutrients.

Wild Boar

Source: Germany

Anything but boring, wild boar has an incredibly low carbon footprint thanks to its free, foraged diet and lack of agriculture throughout their lives.

Skipjack Tuna

Source: EU

Our tuna is certified sustainable and wild-caught from monitored and well managed oceans, using fishing techniques to reduce bycatch.


Source: Ireland

Fresh free range eggs naturally bind our biscuits together. They are digestible and packed with protein.


Source: UK

Carrots are packed full of Vitamins A and C which help support a strong and healthy immune system.


Source: UK

Chickpeas are an amazing source of fibre and protein, helping to build strong muscles and aid digestive health.


Source: China

A spoonful of spirulina is like eating a handful of vegetables. We add a little to this recipe giving your dog the health boost they deserve.


Source: Germany

Broccoli is a true superfood. It’s filled with vitamins, fibre and potassium, all key nutrients for a happy and healthy life.


Source: Germany

Spinach is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that promotes skin health and immune function.


Source: Germany

Pumpkin is super nutritious with a rich source of fibre and a whole host of immune-boosting nutrients.


Source: UK

Chamomile is naturally relaxing, helping to calm and soothe overexcited or anxious dogs.


Source: EU

Just like spirulina, a spoonful of algae is like eating a handful of vegetables. We add a little to this recipe to give your dog a big boost to their health.


Source: Germany

Kale is rich in antioxidant vitamins that help to naturally boost your dog's immune system.


Source: EU

Chicory is a natural prebiotic that aids your dog’s digestion and is great for gut health.

Green Bean

Source: EU

A low calorie vegetable filled with vitamin C and K. Super vitamins for a healthy heart and immune system.