We work to have a big (and positive) impact on your pet's life, with as little impact on the planet as possible.


The problem

A dog’s carbon footprint can be twice as big as a

4x4 car.

And for a nation full of dog-lovers, that isn’t easy to hear. But there are ways to reduce your dog’s 4x4 environmental impact, making it more like an electric car (or even a push bike).

Why do pets have an environmental impact?

Their meat-based diets need land, energy and use a lot of water. And once you add their toys, grooming products and abundance of accessories, there’s quite a large environmental cost.

Our strategy

So, what can we do about it?

We knew when we started Beco that this was going to be one of the most important things. It’s always going to be a moving target, we hold the attitude that we can continually strive for improvements and always do better.

0. Reduce impact

0. Pay our debts

0. Share our journey

0. Inspire action

Read more about our environmental strategy below.

Our progress

It'll always be a work in progress.


tonne reduction in virgin plastic in 2021


renewable energy powering Beco HQ

We now use solar panels to help power Beco HQ and reduced the amount of virgin plastic in our best selling products.

One of our big focuses is helping you reduce the impact of cleaning up after your dog. Read more about the differences between our compostable and recycled bags below.


The organisations and people we work with to create positive change. We support our partners through funding projects, volunteering, product donations and more. Find out more.

Our commitments


of every sale supports environmental causes


of CO2 emissions offset

Every business has an environmental impact, and we don’t pretend we’re any different. So beyond what we already do, and plan to do, we make sure we pay our environmental debts.

Read more about our commitments below.

Inspiring action


countries covered.


projects supported.


meals donated to homeless dogs

From protecting wild places to investing in renewable energy.

As a business we have the ability to create change by building a community. We know we’re not perfect, so by showing that we're constantly working on improvements, we hope to encourage others to do the same. 

Find out more about the people and projects that have inspired us, and that could inspire you, in the articles below. And, to help spread the word, apply to be a Beco ambassador.