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Our Mission

It’s time to care for our planet just as much as we do our dogs. That’s why we make the highest quality products in the most sustainable ways possible to care for your dog and look after our planet.

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Beco ambassador
Beco ambassador

Proud BECO Ambassador

Gina & Rosie

Her love of dogs and passion for environmental conservation led Gina to set up the Eco Dog Co, one of London's first sustainable dog walking companies. Her brilliant business is thriving with minimal environmental impact thanks to her fleet of electric vans, involvement in community projects and her use of 100% ethical and sustainable suppliers.

Proud BECO Ambassador

Jonnie & Eira

Jonnie has spent his life educating people about the great outdoors and is loving sharing this with his newest rescue, Eira. Jonnie knows what support a dog and the outdoors can give people’s mental well-being. He inspires people to get closer to nature with his guided walks, birdsong, foraging and survival teaching.

Proud BECO Ambassador

Harriet, Tom & Astrid

Whether exploring the UK coastline or hiking into the wilderness, Harriet, Tom and Astrid are outdoor enthusiasts and explorers. They volunteer for their local dog training club, helping struggling pet parents and promoting responsible dog ownership. Harriet and Tom have become role models for local dog owners looking to keep their dog happy and healthy, sustainably.

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