Large Poop Bags | with Handles | 120

Big, strong and leak-proof with tie handles. Our bags cater for almost all poop sizes (apologies to any owners of pet elephants). These bags come in recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging.

Bags: 18 x 33cm
Box: 15 x 20 x 4.5cm
PE Plastic
D2W Additive
Recycled Post Consumer Cardboard
Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of pets and children.



D2W helps accelerate the speed at which our poop bags break down in an open environment.


Quality Matters

Big & Strong

Coming in at 33 x 18cm, these bags can handle some seriously large poops. The material is thick and the seams are strong so you know you can rely on them every time.

Recycled Packaging

Recycled and recyclable card packaging. The grab-and-go side opening makes dispensing your poop bags quick and easy.

Easy Tie

Long handles to make sealing the bag as quick, easy and clean as possible.