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Our environmental

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Working to have a big (and positive) impact on you and your pet's life, with as little impact on the planet as possible.

We're constantly searching for new ways to help you reduce your pet's environmental impact. All the while, prioritising how we care for the people who make Beco, Beco.


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"Reducing impact"

 As a business that makes things, our biggest impact (over 99% of our carbon emissions) comes from our supply chain.

Reducing the impact of how we make our products has always been, and continues to be, a big focus. We manage it on three levels - material/ingredient sourcing, manufacturing and reducing our direct impact. 



When it comes to materials, we use recycled, natural or renewable wherever possible.

Equally, we're looking for a material with the right qualities to make products that exceed your expectations. It could be its strength, flexibility or texture.

It is always a balance. Sometimes it's better to use a material that has an environmental impact 10% greater than the most "green" option out there. If that extra 10% means a product that lasts a lifetime, it could be worth it.

Traceability is key.

Knowing where our materials and ingredients come from and how they are grown gives us the power to champion positive change in our supply chain. Equally, it means we can share the details with you.




We aim to use certified materials and supply chains. Even when certified, no supply chain can guarantee perfection. 

That's why we're digging deep into ours and working on improvements. We've built long-term relationships with our partners, some ranging over 10 years. We're in daily conversation; making improvements to working conditions, measuring their environmental impact, exploring new ideas and sharing it all with you.



We've taken big steps to help us achieve our targets.

We've created programmes to move to cleaner energy, reduce water usage, and divert waste from landfill. 

We're now powered by 100% renewable energy, installed solar panels and are a gas-free site. We recycle the packaging our goods arrive in (pallet wrap included) and have installed showers so the team can run, cycle or walk into work instead of driving.

We're excited to have made this progress and have punchy targets this year, so won't stop moving forward.




"Sharing the journey"

 It's a journey of continuous improvement. To keep us accountable, we'll be sharing the ups and downs along the way.

We're here to give you a sneak peek behind the curtains. Visibility into how we source our materials, how we make our products, the people behind the brand and more. We want to make sure you have everything you need to make an informed decision when choosing how you treat your pet.




"Paying our (environmental) debts" 

 No matter how much we work to reduce it, we recognise that we still have an impact. So we've joined the network of businesses committed to paying their environmental taxes. 




We donate 1% of every sale to social and environmental causes. That's 1% of sales, before any other expenses. And offset 100% of our carbon emissions through traceable projects.

When it comes to the bottom line, whether we have a good year, or a not so good year, we're committed to supporting environmental projects. At the moment, only 3% of global philanthropy goes to the environment. We're excited to join the network of businesses working to change that.

No matter how big we get, we'll always be limited by our size. So, we search for networks we can join with a shared goal. Working together, with other businesses, we can have a greater impact than we could on our own - potentially on a global scale.


"Sharing inspiration"

 We're not here to claim that we inspire anyone. Instead, we amplify the voices of the community who inspire us.

We are here to share their stories and help their movement gather momentum. If you know of anyone, send them our way and we can work together to help.



"What it's all about"

 We're not perfect. Our products aren't either.

So we'll keep making improvements and give you details so you can make an informed decision when choosing what's best for your pet.

We do it all in the hope that when you're feeding your dog, cleaning up after them or playing tug-o-war; you know the environmental impact of whatever they're enjoying has been considered, reduced and offset wherever possible.