Becoming a<br>B Corp

Becoming a
B Corp

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We're a certified B Corp. B Corp's approach to responsible business is something we have always believed in. And so, we're excited to be part of the community using business as a force for good.

B Corp offers a framework for better business that covers five key areas; governance, environment, community, workers and customers. Every business that applies is given a score based on how these are managed and, after a three-stage audit, your score is verified. If you score over 80 points, you're certified to meet their high standards.



When you become a B Corp you join a global network of businesses who have been certified to meet the some of the highest social and environmental standards.

Every B Corp is packed with people who are committed to running a business that benefits all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Whether that’s looking after their own team, operating in a way that benefits the makers and growers in their supply chain, or limiting the impact of their products on the environment - everyone's pulling in the same direction.



We've helped improve working conditions in our supply chain, offset our carbon footprint and partnered with some incredible causes. We’ve improved how we look after our team and asked our partners to do the same.

Whilst we haven’t been doing this just for B Corp, the movement has certainly helped guide and inspire us. So, what better way for our work to be recognised than with their big, shiny stamp of approval.




After an excited dance around the office, whooping, howling and a celebratory belly rub - it's back to our journey of continuous improvement. 

We’ll keep on crunching the numbers, changing our ways and setting targets. At the same time, by working to deliver the best possible products, we’ll focus on keeping as many tails wagging as possible.


NB: Rufus (the spaniel in the photo above) was more excited in reality, he just likes to strike a pose.