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It’s time to care for our planet as much as we do for our dogs. We’re dedicated to making the highest quality products for your pets, in the most sustainable ways possible. So you can focus on the important stuff, like belly rubs and back scratches.

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Letter from George

Since 2009 we’ve been on a mission to create the best possible products for cats and dogs, whilst doing as little harm to the environment as possible.

We’ve come a long way, but there’s lots more we want to achieve. With environmental pressures greater than ever and the prospect of more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050, as humans and pet owners, we need to act now - before it’s too late.

I'm immensely proud of what the team at Beco have achieved so far and we promise to continue making products as sustainably as possible, whilst having a lot of fun in the process. We believe that every dog and cat, little or large, can make a big difference.

Beco Founder, Tarka’s dad.

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Our Story

The adventure so far

Bowls from chopsticks
Bowls from chopsticks

Our journey began in China, where we went searching for a manufacturing byproduct that could be upcycled. It was here we discovered bamboo offcuts from a Chinese chopstick factory could be turned into bowls. Crazy, right?

A year of firsts
A year of firsts

As soon as we moved into our cosy London office, we set to work looking for retailers. The first of our fantastic partners signed up to stock our range and soon Beco was popping up in pet stores across Britain.

Winner, winner (free range) chicken dinner
Winner, winner (free range) chicken dinner

We were honoured to win Best Start Up at the HSBC awards. George even put on a suit for the ceremony. George doesn’t really do suits, so it really was a momentous occasion.

Europe, here we come
Europe, here we come

It was getting a bit tight for space in the old place, what with all the new staff and their dogs. So we moved again to shiny new offices. It was around this time that we popped a few bottles of bubbly to celebrate Beco launching in European shops. Cheers.

Suckers for natural rubber
Suckers for natural rubber

Excitement levels were high in the Beco office the day we found out about the strength and elasticity of this amazing material. Some might call us easily pleased, we call it passionate. This was the start of our natural rubber dog toys.

Here for natural hemp
Here for natural hemp

Until now, we thought hemp was just for hippies and uni students. Actually it’s an incredibly tough, antibacterial material that’s great for cleaning canine teeth. Who knew?! It’s super good for the planet as it doesn’t require pesticides.

Turning plastic into soft toys
Turning plastic into soft toys

We recycled up to 15 plastic bottles (per toy) that would otherwise be entering our oceans or landfill, and turned them into soft dog toys. We won’t bore you with the sciencey bit but this remains our proudest discovery to this day.

A better way with poop
A better way with poop

Using a regular plastic bag every time we picked up after our dogs – it just didn’t seem right. We launched our own big strong dog poo bags. We've since been slowly increasing the recycled content in these super bags.

Dinner time
Dinner time

We launched the UK’s first healthy food for dogs that helps to minimise the impact of your dog's diets. Using free range chicken not “free run” or intensively-reared like other brands, wild-caught fish and free-roaming wild boar, a low carbon red meat.

Even more sustainable scooping
Even more sustainable scooping

We got word there was a better way to pick up poop. So we launched a range of compostable poop bags that biodegrade in compost heaps. What's more, they're made from cornstarch, a plant-based material, and BPAT.

We also kicked off our charity partnership with the wonderful people at HYPS (Helping Yorkshire Poundies). They save dogs from death row, rehabilitating and caring for them until they find a loving home. And we make sure the dogs are well fed from day one.

Rolling up our sleeves
Rolling up our sleeves

We got stuck into the Great British Beach Clean. A team of us headed down to the Kent coast to help clean Pett Level Beach. We left it sparkling.

Different strokes for different folks
Different strokes for different folks

Much like their owners, dogs like some foods more than others. Some go bonkers for biscuits, while others drool over meaty chunks soaked in gravy. We launched a grain free wet dog food for those who like a little gravy, or the discerning dog who likes a combination of both.

The Team

meet the team

We're in it togther.

In truth, we're a bit of a motley crew. A band of animal-loving nature enthusiasts with families from all over the globe. We're fortunate enough to have experienced and fallen in love with the landscapes under threat, as well as the amazing animals we've welcomed into our families.

We celebrate and learn from the mixed heritages of our diverse team, creating a working environment that brings the best out of all of us.

Our Values

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Striving for sustainability

We're always searching for new ways to reduce the environmental impact of your pet, and will never stop.

Quality Matters

Our materials and ingredients make us. If it's not good enough for us - it's not good enough for your dog.

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Inspired by dogs everyday

Our pets bring adventure into our lives and help reconnect us with nature. To us, they're an inspiration.

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We challenge ourselves every day to find better processes, new materials and innovations to reduce our environmental impact.

transparent sustainability beco

in all that we do

We'll always be open about the way we do things, inviting our community to ask questions and keep us accountable.