Wet Dog Food

Delicious wet grain free dog food to be enjoyed as a complete meal or topper. Freshly prepared meat, fish and vegetables in a tasty gravy.

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  • What type of meat do you use in your wet dog food?

    We use fresh or freshly prepared meat. Freshly prepared meat is the same as fresh except it is frozen to retain freshness. An example is that the tuna in our is frozen on the boat to make sure it's fresh as possible when cooked. All of our meat and fish is sourced ethically and sustainably, minimising the impact of our supply chain wherever possible.

  • Why is grain free food better for dogs?

    Grain free dog food tends to be nutritionally better for dogs as, instead of grains, they usually contain more digestible and nutritious carbohydrates. grains aren't necessarily bad for dogs int the right amount, but they lack the rounded nutritional benefits of the vegetables and pulses we use in our wet dog food recipes.

  • Is wet dog food better for dogs than dry food?

    Some dogs prefer wet dog food because of the delicious meaty gravy. Complete recipes for dry and wet food for dogs both have all the nutrients your dog needs so they can happily enjoy either, or serve them together to make a tasty mix.

  • Is wet dog food good for dogs?

    Absolutely, wet dog food is a great source of nutrition for dogs. As with any dog food, there are varying levels of quality depending on the ingredients and cooking method. The best wet dog food recipes are as good as the best dry dog food recipes. We have tailored our recipes to make healthy wet dog food with all the protein, carbohydrates and vitamins your dog needs, and none of the bad stuff.

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  • Can I use wet dog food as a topper for dry food?

    Yes, wet food is a great topper for and mixer for dry dog food. Wet food is often used to make dry food extra delicious with its juicy chunks of meat and flavoursome gravy. Just make sure you feed a little less of each when mixing so your dog maintains a healthy weight.

  • Does wet dog food make dogs poop more?

    There is nothing to suggest dogs poop more when eating wet food. Overfeeding is the common cause of excess poop or diarrhoea. If your dog has a sensitive stomach and you’re transitioning to wet food, take things slowly.

  • Is your packaging recyclable?

    Yes, our Tetra Pak packaging is curb-side recyclable in 90% of the UK. Even better, it is made from 70% renewable materials, the card is sustainably sourced from FSC certified forests and the flatpack format makes transporting it 9x more efficient than a tin can. We always recommend choosing Tetra Pak over tin cans where possible.