Rough & Tough Recycled Orangutan

Every sale of this product plants a tree & contributes to the protection of the Sumatra rainforest and it's inhabitants, including the Orangutan. 
Some dogs believe in tough love. This is for them. A rough & tough toy that can withstand a chew and wrestle during playtime. Made from recycled materials, it reuses what’s already here, giving waste a second life while encouraging its collection and reuse.

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L - 36 x 14.5 x 4.5cm
74% Recycled Polyester
26% Polyester
Please remember that your pet’s safety is your responsibility. Always choose a product that’s a suitable size and functionality for your pet’s behaviour. Whilst we design our toys to be strong and durable, no toy is indestructible. Please supervise your pet during play and immediately discontinue the use of the toy if it shows any sign of damage or wear. Please consult a vet immediately if your pet ingests any part of this product. Not for children.


Recycled Cotton

Silky soft and super strong. Our recycled cotton makes rope that will go the extra mile.

Recycled Plastic

Post-consumer recycled plastic is used to make our poop bags, as well as the cloth and soft stuffing in our toys / beds.


Quality Matters

Buy One Get One Tree

10% from each rainforest conservation product will be donated to the Sumatra Orangutan Society, to raise funds to protect the biodiverse Sumatran rainforest and the animals that call it home. Each and every sale will plant a tree in an area known as the Forever Forest, creating a wildlife corridor between areas of fragmented forest to reconnect orangutans and other endangered megafauna, to safeguard their future. Surplus funds will be used to support local community engagement and empowerment, to promote long-term protection of the forest.

Super Strong

The panels are woven together with double stitching and reinforced with a second layer of cloth. Each panel has a second layer of cloth to reinforce the first. As hardy as they come so your dog can have double the fun. Plus, the squeaker in this toy is loud and puncture resistant. which means your furry friends will go wild for it, and it's likely to hang around for a while too.

Recycled Materials

The stuffing and some cloth of this toy is made from recycled polyester, giving waste plastic a second life and encouraging its collection and reuse.