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Meet our new range of indoor & enrichment toys. Fill them up with our tasty treats or nut butter to keep your dog entertained for much longer. Have those morning zoomies tamed, for now.

Natural Rubber | Beco Pets

Good to know

Loved by dogs, trusted by owners.

  • What are your natural rubber chew toys made of?

    All our natural rubber chew toys are made from the sap of rubber trees, mixed with rice husk. We add a little vanilla to give this toy a light scent. It makes a tough chew toy for dogs. When they include rope, the rope is made from either recycled cotton or hemp.

  • Are your natural rubber chew toys BPA free?

    Yes, these natural rubber dog chew toys are BPA free and non-toxic.

  • Are natural rubber chew toys good for dogs?

    These natural rubber dog chew toys are great for dogs. They are tough and springy to satisfy their chewing instinct and you can stuff some of them with delicious treats to keep your dog busy.

  • What is the strength guarantee?

    Our strength guarantee ensures that if your dog’s toy is damaged beyond expected wear, we’ll send you a one time free replacement. Product must be purchased from our webstore. Please contact our customer services team and they will be able to help.