Meet the maker:<br>Poop bags

Meet the maker:
Poop bags

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If you’ve ever wondered how poop bags are made, now’s your chance to see behind the scenes.

Firstly, meet the team who help us manage our manufacturing.

They're working on the ground to help us keep our poop bags flowing, certifications in order and continuously improve our supply chain.



A note from our management team:

"Our team work incredibly hard. In turn, we're proud to support them in their work, extending our support into other areas of their life if they need us. 

"A healthy lifestyle is key to a happy workforce."

A healthy lifestyle is key to a happy workforce, so we offer free healthy meals to all employees in our on-site canteen. Some of our team travel from far away and come from all walks of life, so we've installed on-site dormitories just in case anyone needs temporary accommodation. 

We have also set up a non-profit foundation. Many of our team have families who depend on them. If any of them fall ill, we support them financially through their recovery."



When making poop bags, we start with certified or accredited materials. Either compostable or post-consumer recycled.

Our compostable poop bags are made from a blend of vegetable starches and PBAT (the polymer that makes them compostable). For our recycled bags, we use post-consumer recycled PE. The pellets are melted down ready to be repurposed into poop bags.





Then we put this through a process called ‘blowing’.
Think of it like a giant wind tunnel that slowly stretches the melted material into thin sheets, fit for dog poop. Once this is cooled, we iron it out and print our name all over it. 

After that, you’re left with the biggest roll of poop bags you’ve ever seen. 
All ready to be folded and split into smaller rolls. They fold through rolls, then wrap around recycled cardboard cores.



A few rolls are picked at random and go through quality control checks.
We test their strength, size, thickness and leak-proof-ness.



Once checked, the rolls are ready to be packaged.
This is where they're boxed up in our recycled cardboard packaging and shipped to Beco HQ.



If you'd like to find out more about what our poop bags are made of, or whether compostable or recycled is best for you, have a read of our blog on exactly that.