Free Range Chicken with Carrots & Green Beans

A delicious diet that’s gently digestible. Freshly prepared chicken with nutritious vegetables in a meaty gravy. Our chickens lead ethical lives in the great outdoors. This recipe can be enjoyed as a complete diet or a topper, making our dry food even more irresistible. Please note that this product is temporarily available in a new tinned format,  but is the same delicious recipe as previously packaged in Tetra Pak.  

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Chicken (50%), Green Beans (4%), Carrots (4%), Sunflower Oil, Algae, Minerals, Lignocellulose
Analytical Constituents
Crude Protein 8.4%, Crude Fat 5.2%, Crude Ash 2.2%, Crude Fibre 0.3%, Moisture 82%



We use 100% free range chickens who are free to enjoy open, green pastures and lead longer, natural lives. As they all should.


Just like spirulina, a spoonful of algae is like eating a handful of vegetables. We add a little to this recipe to give your dog a big boost to their health.


Carrots are packed full of Vitamins A and C which help support a strong and healthy immune system.

Green Bean

A low calorie vegetable filled with vitamin C and K. Super vitamins for a healthy heart and immune system.


Quality Matters

Easily Digestible Ingredients

This combination of freshly prepared chicken and vegetables is naturally filled with prebiotic vitamins that help digestion and are great for promoting gut health.

Responsibly Sourced

The chicken in this recipe is certified free range. Free range means the birds have access to the great outdoors for at least 8-hours a day in an environment that mirrors their natural habitat. It encourages natural behaviours such as running, pecking at grubs and playing on perches.

Easy Open Packaging

Easy open ring pull design. Just pop on a can cover between meals to keep the contents fresh.