Reuse, Repair, <br>Repurpose

Reuse, Repair,

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8 million tonnes of waste plastic enters our oceans every year. And so, when it comes to how products are made, it's time to put our thinking caps on for how we can help reduce that.

Other than using recycled materials in our poop bags, they make up a good percentage of our rough & tough toys. Using this material helps stop waste from entering our blue waters by encouraging its collection and reuse.


Our rough & tough toys are super strong, with panels that are woven together with a double stitching and reinforced with a second layer of cloth. Each panel has a second layer of cloth to reinforce the first.

Despite their strength, these toys are not indestructible. However, there are some clever ways to give them a second life, just as your pup's scuffed-up toy does with plastic. 

Meet @lollythewhippet


A whippet named Lolly based in London, sharing weekend adventures and day-to-day dog life on Instagram. Dog child to Elisa & Sam, they focus on pet ownership, outdoor living, UK travel and how to live a dog-inclusive lifestyle. As pre-Beco toy owners who had previously created some useful tips of reusing, repairing and repurposing our toys - we knew that this dynamic trio would be demonstrate the ways in which we put life back into our toys in the best way.

Tip 1: Reuse

As anyone protecting their new carpet knows, dogs get muddy and dirty (along with their favourite toys). And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Simply soak the toy in warm and soapy water. We’d recommend any biodegradable or natural soap so that you can pour the leftover water over your plants afterwards. Alternatively, pop the toy in the washing machine amongst other items that need cleaning to reduce power wastage. Hang on your washing line you’re on your heater until dry and your dog's favourite toy is ready to go again.


Tip 2: Repair

It's easy to forget the power of our dog’s wrestle, pull or cuddle. Leaving their favourite toy with missing limbs and eyes.

That’s where the fun comes in. Whip out your sewing kit and it's time to get to work. Sitting cosy in front of the fire, sew up the damaged area to avoid the stuffing from spilling out. Making it a therapeutic task for you and giving your pup's favourite toy some character. 


Tip 3: Repurpose

Just when you thought your dog’s toy was on its last leg and headed for the bin – wait! It’s time to make a DIY enrichment toy.

Take our original flamingo, for instance. Pull out and leftover stuffing and pop in some treats or kibble. Cross over the legs and give it to your dog. Stimulating the brain and keeping them preoccupied at the same time - a trick you’re going to want to keep up your sleeves.


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