Wild-caught tuna

The Benefits of Including Tuna in your Dogs Diet

It's World Tuna Day. 

A day which highlights the importance of managing tuna fish stocks sustainably and celebrates this incredible fish. At Beco, we know that unsustainable fishing doesn’t only harm the health of our oceans but the health of people and animals around the world too. You see, everything is connected! That is why we only use MSC* certified Tuna in our Wild Caught Tuna with Pumpkin & Peas recipe so that your pup can enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal whilst helping to maintain healthy oceans.  

Tuna is a fish that is found in saltwater and is commonly used as an ingredient in human and pet foods. This is due to the benefits that this fish can bring us nutritionally.


  • High in protein - supports muscle development, growth and maintenance. 

  • Source of omega-3 - supporting brain development and cognitive function. Fantastic for maintaining skin barrier function and a shiny coat. Helps our furry friends absorb essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A. 

  • Low in saturated fats - supports a healthy cardiovascular system whilst providing energy. 

  • Sensitive on the stomach - Some dogs with sensitive stomachs may benefit from Tuna as it is a different protein source than the more commonly found animal proteins in dog food, such as chicken

  • Good for fussy eaters - the rich smell of tuna can cause even the pickiest of eaters to salivate. 

There are many different types of tuna with some containing slightly higher mercury levels than others. Mercury is naturally sequestered in tuna fish as they are apex predators and so the element builds up in their tissues due to consuming smaller fish that contain it.  
The types of tuna include; 


  • Skipjack

  • Albacore

  • Yellowfin

  • Bigeye

  • Bluefin


At Beco, we use Skipjack Tuna, which has lower levels of mercury and a strong flavour that dogs love. Mercury can be toxic in high quantities causing neurological signs, including blindness, depression, incoordination, tremors and abnormal behaviour. Luckily, mercury poisoning has become far less common due to strict regulations on the levels allowed in food meaning that it is safe for our canine friends to eat and here at Beco we make certain that the levels remain very low in our delicious recipe. 


Tuna truly is an amazing fish and brings so much to the table, or should we say.. bowl. Has your furry friend tried our Wild Caught Tuna with Pumpkin & Peas recipe yet?  

*MSC certification means that the fish we use must meet certain requirements that help to prevent overfishing and keep the fish population healthy. The tuna used in our recipes is wild-caught from monitored and well-managed oceans, using fishing techniques to reduce bycatch.  Written by Madi Hewitson 

Coming from a BVMedSci (Hons) background, she’s a small animal vet who loves dogs and cats and has a goal to see them all live long and healthy lives, as so they all should. You won’t find her without her with her four-legged best friend, a rescue dog called Ro. 

“I am very passionate about the interconnection between animal and environmental health. To further my knowledge, I am doing a Masters in Veterinary Epidemiology which I hope to take further and create a lasting impact to protect our pets health from environmental change far into the future.”