Valentine's Doggy Cheesecake

Valentine's Doggy Cheesecake

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Show your pup some love this Valentine's Day by spoiling them to a special doggy cheesecake, made with a special ingredient.. love. It's made with only 5 extra ingredients and requires no baking - what are you waiting for?

RECIPE | Valentine's Doggy Cheesecake featuring our Wild Boar with Pumpkin & Broccoli Dry Food, Wild Boar with Broccoli & Carrots Wet Food and our Dog Choc with Carob, Chamomile and Quinoa Treats.


- 3 cups of Beco Wild Boar with Pumpkin & Broccoli Dry Food, blended
- 2 eggs
- dash of water
- 2 cartons of Beco Wild Boar with Broccoli & Carrots Wet Food, strained
- 1 bag of Beco Dog Choc with Carob, Chamomile and Quinoa Treats


Blend the dry food in a food processor until it resembles fine flour. Combine this with 2 eggs in a bowl and add in a dash of water for a smoother consistency. Add this mixture to a lined cake tin and press down. This is your base layer.

Next, strain the jelly from the wet food keep jelly for a topper for your dogs dinner. Mix up the wet food and then add this layer on top of the base layer and smooth it down. This is your middle layer.

Finally, add your treats on top of the middle layer in a heart shape, or feel free to get creative and make your own design. Pop in the freezer for 1 and a half hours and then place in the fridge for a 1-3 hours to set. Once set, remove from cake then and slice up into pieces for your pup to enjoy.

Watch the full recipe video here.


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