Dry Dog Food

Naturally delicious grain free kibble with freshly prepared meat, fish and vegetables.

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  • Is dry dog food good for dogs?

    In short, yes. Our dry dog food contains the same meat and vegetables, and is cooked at the same temperature, as some of the best wet foods around. It's gently dried to remove the moisture while retaining the flavour and nutrients of the ingredients.

  • Tell me about the meat in your dog food

    We use fresh or freshly prepared meat and fish in all our recipes. What's more, it's traceable and sourced responsibly. We work with our suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain wherever possible, ensuring that all animals involved live ethical lives. From farming to transport, we examine every stage.

  • How is your dry food cooked?

    Lots of dry foods are cooked at up to 400˚C, we believe that cooks out the nutrients and scientific data has shown it changes the protein structure, impacting digestibility. Instead, we gently bake ours at 90˚C which locks in the delicious oils and amino acids of the meat, keeping it digestible and delicious.

  • Which vegetables do you use?

    We use a mix of meat, vegetables, pulses and botanicals in our recipes. Dog's are omnivores so need a healthy mix of meat and vegetables in their diet. Our vegetable mixes vary per recipe but all offer a complete mix of carbohydrates, vitamins and antioxidants to support your dog through a happy and healthy life. You can find the vegetables in each recipe in the composition.

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  • Is it better to feed dry dog food or wet dog food?

    One of the benefits of dry dog food is that it helps to keep your dog’s teeth healthy by helping to reduce tartar and plaque build-up. Dry food tends to be cleanest and easiest food to feed and store, with no need to be refrigerated after opening. That said, our wet food comes in resealable packaging to help make feeding wet food a little simpler.

  • Should you mix wet and dry dog food?

    All of our dry dog food recipes are complete, so contains the nutrients your dog needs to keep them bouncing through life. That said, a little wet food on top can be very popular. You can mix dry dog food and wet dog food, you just need to adjust the quantities so your dog is still getting the right amount of food to maintain a healthy weight. If your dog is a fussy eater, the gravy from a little wet food can help entice them.

  • Is your dry dog food good for sensitive stomachs?

    Yes, we have ensured that none of our recipes contains ingredients that are commonly associated with agitating sensitive stomachs. We cook our meat in a way that retains maximum digestibility. Instead of grains, we use fibrous pulse to keep things moving as they should. We also include vegetables with prebiotic vitamins, nurturing the good bacteria in the gut. You'll be able to tell when your dog is digesting their food well through their glossy coat, small stools and lack of gas.

  • Do you use pea protein in your dry dog food?

    Yes, we do. We use it to supplement the protein of our fresh meat. Our dry dog food recipes contain between 40 - 50% fresh meat, we then add a little (under 8%) pea protein to supplement the protein levels. It means that we can ensure your dog can enjoy higher welfare and quality meat, whilst enjoying a little extra plant-based protein hit.