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  • How should I dispose of dog poop bags?

    Please put your dog poop bag in the nearest bin that accepts dog waste.

  • How big are your bags?

    Our large dog poop bags are 22.5 x 33cm big, big enough to handle almost any poop. Our dog poop bags with handle are a little narrower at 18 x 33cm, still big and just as strong, they just need to leave as much room for knot tying as they have built-in handles.

  • How thick are your bags?

    The material of our bags is 15 microns thick, that's thick enough to securely protect your hands and prevent splitting.

  • Is your packaging recyclable?

    Yes, all our poop bag packaging, rolls included, is made from recycled post-consumer cardboard and is recyclable. Once you're finished with it, simply pop the packaging in your paper/card recycling bin.

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  • Are these biodegradable dog poop bags?

    These bags contain a D2W additive which helps them break down quicker but this does not class them as biodegradable. If you would like biodegradable bags, you should try our home compostable poop bags which are biodegradable.