All Natural Recipes.

Freshly prepared meat, fish & vegetables gently baked for easy digestion. The result? Tail waggingly tasty meals for healthy, happy pups.


Why Beco?

Our complete wet & dry recipes use only the highest quality ingredients and are full of all the nutrients your dog needs to keep them healthy and happy. It is important to us to use high welfare meat (that means free range chicken & turkey and free roaming wild boar) and we cook our ingredients low & slow, resulting in a highly digestible and delicious meal. For wagging tails from breakfast through to dinner.


Meals packed with real meat, fish & vegetables

Developed with food scientists & pet nutritionists for a healthy, balanced meal

Cooked low and slow between 90-120°C to retain nutrients and taste

High welfare & traceable meat

The Beco Difference

No Meat Meal

We use only fresh meat in our recipes - never any nutritionally poor rendered meat meal.

Grain Free

Grains are often used as cheap fillers. Instead, we pack our recipes with lots of fresh vegetables & pulses.

Free-Range not "Free-run"

We only use free-range chicken & turkey - this means the birds live in a habitat as close to their natural one as possible.


How is Beco food made?

Beco is made using freshly prepared meat and vegetables, nothing artificial. All of the ingredients are slow cooked at between 90-120°C so every bite contains the same protein, vitamins, oils and flavours of the original ingredients. Not only does that mean they’re delicious, it provides a diet that has all the nutrients of a meal served fresh, but with the convenience of dry food.

Will I be signed up to a subscription?

No, you can try any of our recipes as a one-off purchase. However we do also offer a subscribe and save option to receive 10% off all recurring orders.

How do I know how much to feed?

Please see the feeding guides on each individual product page and on pack for details.

Can humans eat your food?

All of our ingredients are healthy and natural. Our food doesn't come with human grade certification so we do not recommend it for humans. That's not to say that some of the team haven't given it a taste test.

How long does your food stay fresh for once opened?

When stored in a cool dry place and the bag is resealed, our dry food stays fresh for roughly 4 weeks once opened.

Swapping to a new food

We recommend you transition your pup onto a new food gradually over the course of 7 days. Our recipes are super digestible and a transition period minimises the risk of any stomach upsets as they transition to a new nutritious diet.