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  • Are your poop bags certified biodegradable?

    Our biodegradable poop bags are certified home compostable, which means our bags have been certified to break down completely into non-toxic components of water, carbon dioxide, and biomass that will not harm the environment. Our bags are special because they will break down in a well-managed home compost, or an industrial composting facility. The official certification is TUV OK HOME Compost, and our bags meet both European EN13432 and North American ASTM D6400 certification standards.

  • What's the difference between industrial compostable and home compostable dog poop bags?

    Industrial compostable poop bags need much more specific conditions to break down than home compostable. This means they have to be composted in industrial facilities to biodegrade. Our poop bags are home compostable, these are biodegradable and will breakdown in a well-managed home compost system. We believe that home compostable is the best compostable dog poop bag option available today.

  • Will these compostable poop bags biodegrade in my garden compost heap?

    Yes, these poop bags are biodegradable and are broken down by natural organisms in any well-managed compost. They are made from cornstarch, a plant-based material, and breakdown back to their natural elements. The key is to make sure you compost builds up enough heat to kill the bacteria in the poop, making it safe to use on non-edible plants. You can find more information on our how to compost dog poop blog.

  • How long do compostable bags take to biodegrade?

    When your home compost setting is managed well and the right temperature is maintained (165ºF), compostable poop bags can take up to only 12 weeks to fully biodegrade and safely feed non-edible plants in your garden.

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  • What are your compostable poop bags made from?

    Our compostable poop bags are made from cornstarch, a plant-based material. They have the same strength and versatility as normal plastic, whilst being biodegradable. Cornstarch makes them eco-friendly dog poo bags.

  • How big are your dog poop bags?

    Our compostable dog poop bags are 22 x 33cm big. Our dog poop bags with handle are a little narrower at 18 x 33cm, still big and just as strong, they just need to leave as much room for knot tying as they have built-in handles.

  • How thick are your poop bags?

    The material of our bags is 15 microns thick, that's thick enough to securely protect your hands and prevent splitting.

  • Is your packaging recyclable?

    Yes, all our poop bag packaging, rolls included, is made from recycled post-consumer cardboard and is recyclable. Once you're finished with it, simply pop the packaging in your paper/card recycling bin.