Hemp Rope

Short and tough fibre rope fastened with chunky knots for endless fun.

Hemp Rope | Beco Pets

Good to know

Loved by dogs, trusted by owners.

  • What are hemp rope toys made from?

    Our hemp rope toys are made with natural hemp fibres and some are blended with recycled cotton. Hemp is antibacterial, and the tough fibres can help with dental hygiene, acting a little like a toothbrush as they chew.

  • Is hemp rope digestible?

    Hemp sheds short fibres that will most likely pass through if digested. That said, if your dog eats a large chunk or long strand, we recommend consulting your vet.

  • Do I need to supervise my dog when playing with your toys?

    Yes, as with any toy, we recommend supervising your dog when using this toy. If your dog ingests any part, we recommend consulting your vet and replace your toy when worn.

  • How strong are these toys?

    We double stitch our toys, making the seams stronger. That said, if your dog is a heavy chewer, we recommend our natural rubber chew toys.